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Have you suffered from neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain or other joint pain or skeletal-muscular pain for months?  Have you gone through one therapy after another, only to find that the pain returns in a few days or even hours?  Experience rapid cure of your pain with the clinically-proven, noninvasive Noxipoint therapy® (view Clinical Studies by researchers from Stanford and NTU). You will experience substantial pain relief quickly and be completely pain free within 2 to 4 sessions.  It is not a temporary relief but a permanent cure.  

For patients with
fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, there is no solution in the current medical community besides managing the pain with medication. Noxipoint Therapy® has successfully reduced, or eliminated, the unbearable pain and the fatigue. 

Scoliosis has no cure?  Not true any more.  Noxipoint Therapy® 
completely removes the associated pain and straightens most, if not all, of the curved spine.  See the success cases for yourself of the clear contrast before and after Noxipoint® treatment. 

Patients with
strokes (or cerebrovascular accident, CVA) often suffer from disability and pain.  Noxipoint Therapy®  removes the associated pain and stiffness, and improves functions within weeks. 

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Pain is the manifestation of other conditions- muscle or tendon injuries or pinched nerves.  A human body is often capable of recovering from the injury and pain, but sometimes stops short after a few weeks and got stuck in long lasting chronic pain.  Dr. Charles C. Koo, has discovered a life-changing noninvasive procedure that activates the self-recovery process of body tissues, after eleven years of research.  Dr. Koo found that stimulating "Noxipoints®" (also known as Nocipoints™) with a unique combination of locations, intensity and duration of the stimulation would trigger the cascade of the cell repair, and thus eliminate the pain.  Noxipoints® are pain points that appear only when a soft tissue (e.g., muscle, ligament, or organ) is impaired and manifest themselves only upon touches. The patient usually don't know their presence.  They are precisely located in an anatomically relevant manner near the site of impairment.  They activate the recovery process of injured tissues, if, and only if, stimulated within a set of narrowly calibrated thresholds.  In a recent study, 93% of the pain patients recovered fully with this procedure, and 89% were pain free within 1 to 4 sessions, regardless how long they had had the pain.

If you have undergone months or even years of pain treatment: physical therapy, pain medication, steroid injection or alternative medicine, without much progress, call us now.  Noxipoint Therapy is noninvasive, requires no medication, and it is quick.  More importantly, it cures permanently. 

You will find cure for your chronic neck, back pain or other challenging pains no matter how long you have had it.  Our specialists will check the pain and the injury of each patient and design a matching treatment plan.  Multiple modalities of Noxipoint Therapy will be used to address all causes and heal the pain once and for all.