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Limited range of motion before Noxipoint Stimulation

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At the Pain Cure Center®, we are happy for all the patients who walk out pain free.  Read some of patient cases and testimonials:

Dr. Don T. is a 59-year-old Medical Informatics Professor.   Injured his lower back two weeks before the NoxipointTM treatment while picking up a heavy box.   Had been in constant pain (Level 9 out 10 in movement) and had to roll off the bed every day to avoid the sharp pain.  He worn waist support to avoid the pain. He could only bend 20 degrees forward before the treatment.   

After one NocipointTM Stimulation session, he regained full range of motion without any pain.   No pain since. 

  Wen C.  is 49-year-old software developer, who suffered from chronic shoulder, neck and back pains for over 15 years.   She had gone to therapists on a regular basis for years to relieve the pain.    No lasting progress were made.  
Cured by NoxipointTM Stimulation in total of 5 sessions.  Full range of motion restored.  No pain since. 

Lily Y. is a 32-year-old female.  Neck and shoulder pain for over 6 months. 
Pain scale was 7 (out of 10) at certain position initially.  Improved to Level 3 without movement.
Cure by NoxipointTM Stimulation in the first session.  Full range of motion restored. No pain since.

Dr. Arun S. is a 52 year-old Senior Google Engineer.
Injured three years ago in running.   Chronic pain with right leg and knee, especially during certain movements.
Cured by NoxipointTM Stimulation in two sessions. No pain since.

Natalie S., age 13.  Olympic Cadet. Injured her right knee during competition and had developed restraining pain during movement.  Had gone through multiple physicians and physical therapies with no progress.    Cured by NoxipointTM Stimulation within 20 minutes.   Regained her full range of motion immediately.  No pain since.

The success stories with NoxipointTM Stimulation are numerous.   Besides in back/ neck/shoulder pains, NoxipointTM Stimulation cures TMJ pains in a matter of minutes.  It also removed the pain in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Scoliosis.   It has restored the function of auto-injury patients, even with paralysis from waist down.   It also recovered sensory and motor nerve responses of Bell's Palsy patients.   However, the time required for these severe cases will be longer than typical chronic back pains, as they involve the nerve cell regeneration.  The full recovery of these cases cannot be warranted due to the complexity of their causes.  

Natalie S., age 18.  Suffered from scoliosis since she was 12.  Severe pain from neck, shoulder, upper to lower back and on high dose of pain medication.  Had chronic fatigue due to fibromyalgia and extensive muscle injuries.  Burning sensation even to light touches.   Top dancer in national ballet competition with her sheer will.   All pains stopped after an intensive three-day NoxipointTM treatment.  No pain Since.  Quotes from her Yelp review on (8/11/2011): 

"I write this review as a testament to what I have experienced with Dr. Charlie Koo. Meeting him was truly fortune smiling on me. Diagnosed with scoliosis at age 12 and put into a brace at age 15, I was suffering from acute chronic muscle pain from the damage and atrophy of my muscles. I'd done the physical therapy, heat treatments, and had even started my doctor's plan to relieve the pain with large doses of ibuprofen. From my pain I was always fatigued and even had trouble staying awake in class. "

In April of this year, I met Dr. Koo at Princeton U. He invited me to try his treatment, so four months later I flew all the way from Florida. Every second I spent with him was WORTH IT. Eliminating most of my pain in only three days is what most would call a miracle. I had never known what it was to be pain-free and felt lighter than air when he eliminated the pain from my back for the first time. He was disappointed that he couldn't completely fix the curvature in my spine--which he has done in other patients-- but I have never felt so great in my whole life.  I am finally, at long last, PAIN FREE! and it's all thanks to Dr. Koo." 

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